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I was reading in this weeks Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine about how it appears that Facebook is going to improve its search engine and possibly be a rival for Google.  Though it’s search engines would not likely be able to rival the mass searches that google can handle, Facebook would be able to search the more popular sites, those that have been ‘liked’ by web surfers.

So far about the only searches Facebook is good for is finding other members and friends.  A new and improved search engine would help users sift through status updates, articles, videos and such that other members ‘like’ using the thumbs up button on most web sites these days.

Could this possibly be a counter strike on Google for their expansion into social media with the Google+ network?

Then there is the future potential for obtaining advertisement income.  The ability to sell ‘adwords’ and keywords, pay per click advertising and such.  For a company contemplating going public on the stock market, this could be a possibility to help appease investors and stockholders with new revenue ideas.

Will this rumor increase Facebook’s chances of raising the $5 billion dollars they want in their IPO?  To possibly have the largest IPO in technology history?

I wonder how this might affect the facebook experience.  Though there has long been ads on the side of the facebook pages, will we now be seeing links in the posts and comments?  The technology world seems to be a never ending cycle of change.

I just start to get used to how to navigate the facebook site and then they change it and I have to relearn a bunch.  If it changes much faster I may never get caught up.  lol.  I will soon be an empty nester and then what will I do? Without one child or another to call on for help, I guess I might have to invite the grandchildren over more.  At least when they get a little older.

I can’t blame Facebook for making changes.  In the world of technology, static means death so they have to keep changing and growing.  This will bring challenges to some of us and may even give Google some competition.  Maybe John Thornhill will have to revise his facebook like page builder again!

The future is always an adventure waiting to happen.

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