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Week 4 of the Partnership to Success program involves a couple of things.  One is to let yourself be known through social media.  In other words, marketing yourself.  This has been a challenge for me and I have not yet signed up for accounts across the channels of social media.

I am somewhat familiar with facebook.  It is a big part of my children’s lives and they use it frequently.  I think my first exposure to it was a game called farmville.  I actually had my daughter sign me up on facebook in order to play the game with her so she and I could have more neighbors.  I have to admit to playing several computer games with my kids over the years.  Now I go on facebook to see pictures of my kids and grandkids and to see what is happening in my friend’s lives.

I anticipate setting up a facebook like page in the near future and will probably expand to some of  the other social media sites as well.  It will be a challenge for me to push out of my comfort zone but could be a great experience.  You can never have too many friends, right?

The other concept covered this week was building a list.  There is a common saying that, ‘It is all in the list”.  As I progress through this course, I am realizing how true that is.  Without a list to share your information with it is impossible to market anything.  The list building software site that was recommended was Aweber.  It seems to be pretty easy to use though I will need to keep the videos on hand.  I hope I will be needing them in the future as I set up more areas that will need list building.

Week 5 involved more of the same or actually putting a monetized pop-up ad on the blog site to help with getting traffic and maybe some affiliate income.  I also had to set up another list and such with Aweber.  Now I guess I just need some traffic to come a sign up, lol.


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