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For those online marketers involved with ebooks, kindle and other digital products, you might be interested in a news article I recently read.  This article talked about Google’s possible plans to become a content provider.  They have begun stringing fiberoptic cable for internet service, beginning in the city of Kansas, USA.

This cable will enable users to increase their upload and download times by 100%.  They say they will have speeds up to 922 mb/sec for download and 883 for upload.  To me that is amazing.  Kind of makes me feel like I really do live in the sticks with download speeds of .4 mb/sec.  Not sure I am ready to move to Kansas yet.  I did just make a recent visit though and was favorable impressed with the area.

With internet speeds that high, Google could digitalize more than music.  They could provide movie content in HD and blue ray.  Apparently they have been talking with Disney, Time Warner, and Discovery Communications about offering their content using their new fiberoptic Google Fiber.

This could give Google the ability to distribute TV programs, movies, you name it.  Along with this content would be the opportunity to have targeted ads to run along with them.  Google does know how to monetize after all.  Along with the good comes the bad.  This would potentially lead to bigger problems with pirating hitting Hollywood as hard as it has recording artists.  Why is it that there are always people who twist a good thing and turn it to the ‘dark side’?

Alas, for most of us, Google Fiber will only be a dream.  The cost of stringing this fiberoptic cable is astronomical and will not be coming our way any time soon.

The idea of digitalized movies lends itself to possible markets in the not too distant future.  Anyone for emovies?

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