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Originally I had trouble getting my blog email configured with my email account on my computer so had to access my email online.  It took a little more time than just bringing up the ‘mail’ on the computer.  It was fine at first but as I got sidetracked with other activities in my life (see ‘Roadblocks’ post), I stopped checking.  Well I checked in a few days ago.  I had an incredible 3978!! emails.  At least 90% of them were from people trying to sell software to ‘help me’ make a ton of money overnight or in just a few hours and so on.  I am sure many of you have had this experience.  I was amazed at the number that accumulated over 6 months or so.  How to you tell the good from the bad?  With that many to choose from I decided it was too hard to do and am in the process of deleting them all.  I figure 500 a day and I should be done in just over a week, lol.  Then I can check out any new emails as then come.  One thing for sure, any email that is not personalized is not going to get any more than just a glance.  I know those are more of a scam than anything.  Lesson learned: never leave your email that long before checking it!

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