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Why do some people succeed at making an income online while others fail miserably and many others just bring in a few dollars a month at best?  Is it talent?, knowledge?, courage? persistence? or what?

I have been working on the Partnership to Success program with John Thornhill and it has been very easy to follow.  Up until I got to the product creation.  At this point I have become stuck and have been practicing procrastination in a big way.  The idea is to create a product in the ‘online marketing’ field and then he would help you market it.  My problem is that I do not feel like I know enough or have enough experience to create such a product.  I am failing at getting more than a little chimp change from monetization and as of now, do not even have a list to offer a freebie to.

I recently saw a Hewlitt Packard (HP) add that had the statement: “If you’re going to do something, make it matter”!.  This statement hit home and caused me to stop and think about a lot of things.  One being, what am I trying to accomplish with online marketing?  If I am going write an ebook that matters, then it should probably matter to me as well.

I previously took the One Month Mentor program, again with John Thornhill and got ‘stuck’ at the same spot.  Though I did get underway with a product but not one in the area of online marketing.  It is a health related product, which I feel much more at home writing about.  I have decided that this getting ‘stuck’ is going to become a habit if I do not do something soon.

I think the best choice is to finish my first product, though it is not about marketing.  It at least will be a start.  I will have actually created a product I can try to sell and can learn from it and then maybe use that experience to build on and even transfer to the online marketing area.  I have way more knowledge and experience at trying to lose weight and become healthy.

I think this will be a good start and this is something that matters to me a lot and hopefully to others as well.

Jenny Wren

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