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Anyone with a website has likely heard the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  We are all focusing on ways to use SEO to get out websites and blogs found and noticed.  It is a very lonely feeling to be lost in space, web space that is.

Search Engine Optimization techniques are used to get your site ‘ranked’ high in the search engines.  If you do not appear on the first page or two of Google when someone searches for the product you have, you might as well forget about success in the online market.

There are millions of search engines seeking out information on what people are searching for and what websites they visit.  They use keywords, (the words used by people to search for something), to find this information.  Typically the search engines might look for a keyword included in the domain name,  listed in a title tag, included in a header tag, or used in the content.

Sometimes sites have been ‘stuffed’ with keywords to get them a higher ranking.  The search engines are aware of this tactic and may ban such a site.  Not only that but the search engine algorithms can change frequently making some techniques obsolete or at least of minimal value.  Keeping your keywords  to less than 2% of your content is the best way to prevent these problems.

Keywords is just one of the techniques of SEO.  There are others to be considered, like indexing, linking and pinging your site.  If you use WordPress, you can get plugins to help you with your seo methods.  Some are free and of course some are not.  The one I see most often recommended and the one I like is Easy WP SEO.  This one is not free but worth the money spent.

Important as Search Enginge Optimization is, I still think that content is king.  You, as a reader, are not interested in seeing a ton of keywords without much meaning in the post.  It is most important to write something that is interesting and that will be of benefit to the reader.

After you have written your and before you publish it, you could then use the SEO wordpress plugin of your choice and with a few minor tweaks, have your posting seo optimized without losing content.  At least that would be my recommendation.

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