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Well I think I am almost permanently attached to the chair in front of my computer.  I have been spending hours listening to promotional programs on internet marketing, how to videos on how to make money online, everything you need to know to make a living from home, etc.  In fact I am almost certain I am beginning to suffer from information overload.   One of the more recent ‘articles’ I read was titled “Marketing Through My Eyes”.  In that article he warned about information overload.  You see, once you start on a path, taking advantage of a course offered to you, all of a sudden you are hit with offer after offer.  If you are not very careful, you could be overwhelmed in very short order.  It would be very easy to accept every offer that comes your way but there is no chance that you can work on them all at once.  Already I think I am in over my head, with at least 4 different ideas to work on.  I now need to prioritize which is the most important or beneficial for me to complete first and then carry on with the next.  I am hopelessly lost when it comes to most of the technical aspects of the internet that I will be sticking to the “One Month Mentor” program to start with and then hopefully move on to another following that.  I mean, I still have a parttime job and many other things going on in may life.  I cannot live in front of my computer full time.    Here’s hoping I can stick to it.

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