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Can I Lose Weight by Drinking More Water?

Water facilitates the movement of nutrients, hormones, antibodies and oxygen throughout the body.  A well hydrated cell functions at optimum levels by being able to transport nutrients into the cell and waste products out to then be moved to the kidneys and filtered out as urine.  Water helps keep the blood at an optimum level of viscosity.  Proteins and enzymes work more efficiently in solutions of low viscosity.  Drinking plenty of water will keep the blood viscosity at a lower level.  This also helps with the transport of metabolic wastes and salts through the kidneys.  If you are on a higher protein diet, you will have an increase in metabolic waste and will need extra water to flush these.

Drinking 2 cups of water briefly (about 1/2 hour) increased the metabolism of participants in a study done in Berlin and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, December 2003.

A word of caution:  drinking too much water (more than 8-10) could upset the electrolyte balance of your body and could lead to some serious side effects, even possible death.

Other ways that water can help with weight loss include drinking water to help you feel full so decreasing snacking.  Also if you are drinking adequate water then you are less likely to be drinking higher caloric liquids like juice and soda pop.

Keep on living healthy by including water in your eating habits.

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