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So week 2 was really exciting.  Remember I mentioned having ordered some graphics for the top of my blog?  Well I got them and installed them, making my blog look more personal and individual.  I also added an ‘About Me’ page.  Another part learned was how to add links to your posts so you can link to other sites or to promote products on an affiliate basis.

I was then instructed to start making posts on my blog.  Had no idea what to write about so jumped around a bit to different topics.  As you can see I have been discussing several  ideas in areas of weight loss, online marketing and just some personal reflections or should I say ‘excuses’. :)

I have several interests and so have just been talking about them all.  As time goes on and I learn more I am starting to have ideas for more websites to maybe expand on each area separately.  I think I could get involved in too much if I am not careful.   Then I would likely get overwhelmed and get nothing accomplished.   Must remember one step at a time.


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