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My time passes quickly.  During week 6 of the P2S program we were given a widlink to help link our blogs with other members of the program.  This is to help create some backlinks with our blog sites and hopefully increase the number of visitors to our own blogs.

Traffic is a huge factor in the success of a blog and especially for marketing.  If your only objective is just to have an outlet for some of your thoughts and ideas and you don’t care if anyone else reads them then you don’t have to worry about traffic.  But then why use a website and not just use a journal.  The idea of a website if for sharing and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

One never knows if something you say might spark and idea in another that could lead to a new twist on an old idea.  I went to a seminar where a young man made a suggestion to the presenter.  The presenter was quite excited about the idea and was going to use it in his own marketing presentations.  He made that comment that this type of thing had happened before.  He was beginning to think he might need to hire some ‘young blood’ for their new ideas and different outlook on things.  I guess we are never too old or know too much that we can not learn something more.

Week 7 showed us a few ideas on adding photos, videos and such to our posts as well.  As the saying goes, ‘a picture says a thousand words’.  It also adds a lot more appeal.  In fact videos are even better for catching attention.

Week 8 and 9 are about choosing a niche topic to write about.  The first step in creating your own product to sell.  This is the most difficult part for me so far.  I feel woefully unprepared for this.  I am not as knowledgeable as I need to be to create a product about online marketing.  I just need to remember that no one is born and expert and it just takes time and research and experience to change from a novice to an expert.  Fortunately I can research and I can learn without too much difficulty.

I will be very busy for awhile as I learn a new ‘trade’.  Just what will that trade be?!!!

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