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So I have been ‘working’ on trying to get started with online marketing and an internet business.  I started out by looking into an ad about making good money from home.  I signed up for a course to learn about ecommerce.  It is a whole new world and language.  I was lost in very short order.  I was being coached to do things that I had no idea how to accomplish.  So began many, many hours in front of my computer.  I am beginning to understand a few terms and ideas but am still mostly lost.  In the process of my research I came upon some more ads (which I now know are called ‘squeeze’ pages) which promised unheard of or ‘massive income with this simple plan’.  I fell for it.  Soon I was being bombarded with squeeze pages and OTO (one time only) offers and such.  I am not saying that they are not good ideas and workable strategies but it is rather overwhelming to a newbie.  It is hard to stop getting sucked in to one idea after another.  They all sound so reasonable and affordable but soon you find that the cost is adding up and up and up.  Time to step back, take one plan and follow it through until I understand what I am doing with it and then I can look at another idea.  It is just difficult not to look at all the offers and dream of the possibilities or stay awake thinking about the possibilities.  I think I said it before.  I will try to stick to the ‘One Month Mentor’ and then go from there.

With that plan I am now at the stage of trying to create my own ebook to market.  I have a few ideas but not sure anywhere near enough to really make a book.  I have always thought it would be great to be an author but this is something entirely different.  This is actually believing I might know something that someone else would like to know.  You would think that at this stage of my life I should have a lot of experience to call upon but the doubts are definitely coming at me from all angles.  I just need to get started.  Wish me luck.

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