Investing, Family Style

The success with trading continues.  I am still consistently seeing around 10% profit each month.  Once you get to that place of confidence it really feels good.  I feel ready to try more.  I introduced one of my sons to my world of trading through Rob Booker.  He has taken to it like a duck to water.  I am not sure if it is because he is younger and more adventurous but he is thrilled with it.  In fact he surpasses me in the profit territory.  I am happy for him but I like to be a little more conservative in my investing and trading.

Now my son wants to introduce me to the world of trading for others.  Helping them get a nice consistent, conservative return on their money.  His idea is to offer money management for a small percentage of profit.  That way if we do not make money with your money, you do not have to pay.  That is, no monthly or yearly management fees, just an agreed upon percentage of profits made.

I have agreed to give it a try.  You can see his ideas and business plan at  I encourage you to look it up.  You can have him manage your money a bit more aggressively or me, if you want to be a bit more conservative.  As I said, I am fairly consistent at 10% a month, though past performance does not guarantee future results but it does give you an idea of what I expect.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Jenny Wren

Trading Success

Well it has been awhile.  Time has a way of passing more rapidly as we mature.  I just wanted to make an update.  I am happy (no ecstatic) to announce that I have found success in trading.  As mentioned before, I have tried many avenues and strategies without consistent success.  More like consistent losing.  I heard somewhere that trading is a process.  You start out losing a lot, then losing a little, then winning a little and losing a little, then winning a little consistently and then winning a lot.

I have finally managed to get to the winning a little (or maybe a lot if you go by percentage).  With a new mentor I have managed to achieve a 77% increase in my capital since January 1, 2015.  That averages out to just over 10% per month.  It is an incredible feeling to finally be making progress.  Trading has been a dream of mine for several years now, at least a decade.  I was sure it could be profitable for me if I could just figure it out.

The formula is at least 5 fold.  Number 1: have the right mindset;  Number 2: no big losses;   Number 3: small trade size;    Number 4: keep taking profits;  Number 5: a winning strategy

Notice that I mentioned the strategy last.  That is because there are many, many winning strategies and the other points are more important.  I feel that taking  Rob Booker’s ‘Millionaire Mindset’ course was the major turn around point for me.  I am indebted to him for his teaching and generosity to me and to traders all around the world.

I hope to start posting quite often and include some of the trades I am making.  I currently do very short term trades but am planning on expanding to longer term.  When I get a handle on the longer term I will post the trades as I enter and exit them.

Looking forward to a prosperous future doing something I really enjoy.

Jenny Wren

Trading Can Be Fun

In the past, I have mostly felt uptight and stressed when trading.  That is why I have mostly concentrated on longer term strategies lately.  It reduces the stress and the parameters are clear, concise and easy to follow.  I have found some success with these methods and will continue with them.

But I think these small successes have whetted my appetite for a little more adventure.  It seems evident in the fact that I am continuing to work in the forex market.  I have had several successful trades using the currency connect system, mostly with the dow and a few with currency pairs.  I am feeling a little more positive each week, that I will be able to make headway in this sphere.

Now the exciting part.  I have come across another strategy for trading options.  Rather than being a longer term method, it is day trading unusual option activity.  I have been following this for a couple of weeks now and am really having some fun.  I think I am actually making some money along the way as well.  At the end of the month I will know if I am actually getting some income or just having fun and will inform you as to how I did and whether I will sign up for another month or not, haha.  I sure hope so because it is nice to enjoy your ‘job’.

Jenny Wren

Positive Dow Trades

Again this week I have been having positive trades on the Dow using the skills learned from Currency Connect.  I have made at least one trade per day on the Dow and all have been closed for profit.

I think I have a good thing going here.  I realize it is not a get rich quick deal but rather, a consistent steady as she goes type of approach.  I still have a long way to go to feel like I know what I am doing but it is coming along nicely.

If anyone is interested in Currency Connect you can go to their website and check it out.  There is no cost to become a member, just a cost to get the signals and triggers and then the rest is included.  I am quite happy with it so far.


Jenny Wren

Once again I have neglected my blog.  I have immersed myself in the world of trading.  In spite of past results and experiences, I have spent many hours listening to webinars, reading reports, and I admit to buying systems to trade with.  I have been swing trading stocks, options, and currency.  Of all the products I have tried and used, I think I have finally settled on 3 that I think are worthwhile and I have been having some success with.

For stocks, I have been very pleased with ‘Candlestick Trading Forum’ with Stephen Bigelow.  He gives a lot of value for the price you pay.  I am having minor successes following his training and live chat room.  The success would be greater with a larger account but I am pleased with what I am doing so far.  I have tried several other services with little to no progress made.

Rule 1 Investing remains the best training I have had so far for options.  I continue to have success with the 2 strategies I learned from them.  Again, the results are small but consistent.

I am currently investigating and learning about weekly options.  I have tried about 3 weekly option trades and been successful.  I do not feel I have enough knowledge in this area yet to give a good opinion of it, though it looks like a good strategy to add to my trading tool belt.

I am really quite excited about the possibilities in forex.  I found some good training and some good products that I am finally seeing some consistent positive results.  I hope to able to share more information on this as I see more successes in the future.  One site you might like to check out is Currency Connect.  I have one particular trade I learned with them that I have been positive on 10 out of 10 trades.  I would be happy to share it with anyone who signs up.

I am very hopeful of seeing increased success as I finally stop looking for the next holy grail of trading and learn the programs and strategies that I currently am using that are showing some consistent results.  I feel that the more I use them and study them, the better it will be.  There might be some light in the future.

Jenny Wren

Write your own Product to Market Online

We come to Week 13 of Partnership to Success.  This is a big week, the one where you start writing your own product to sell. Here is where you put all your hours of research and learning into something concrete that will hopefully help someone else accomplish a goal in their life.

The idea is not only to be able to make some money for yourself but to answer a need and help others to improve their own situation.  I have a head start in this area because, as mentioned before, I took a previous course and started to create my own product then.  Unfortunately it got put aside and nearly forgotten.  Thank goodness it is on my computer and I do not have to remember where it is.  So I will take it off the virtual shelf, dust it off and see if I can actually complete it this time.

With the passing of time I have learned more in the area that I am writing about and once again realize how difficult it is to stay on track and keep your goals and resolutions.  I am writing a product in the weight loss area and I am well aware of how difficult it can be to lose weight, keep it off, and change your lifestyle to stick with it.  I have also spoken with many others in the same boat and know lots about what works and what does not.

Enough of being sidetracked.  Back to writing your product for marketing.  John Thornhill recommends that you create a folder on your computer to keep everything in one place.  In this folder you would put your mind map, your graphics, your written product (or what you have written so far), your sales page, any worksheets, videos or audios, etc.

The next big thing to remember is to save it in more than one place.  Imagine how you would feel if your computer crashed or you accidentally deleted instead of saving your work.  Don’t laugh, I can easily see something like that happening to me.  John suggests a minimum of three different places.  I am thinking I will use my desktop, my husband’s laptop and a memory stick.

I find that writing is not my best talent but I think as I do more it will become easier and maybe even better quality.  A suggestion was made that if you really, really do not think you can write your own product that you could outsource it but I feel that it will mean a lot more to you and to your customer if you can do it yourself.  Maybe I will feel differently if I get too stuck while trying to write my own.

Here’s to product creation for online marketing and a helpful relationship with others.

Jenny Wren

Mind Mapping is the Next Step

So a few months later and I am back to product creation with Partnership to Success.  Weeks 11 and 12 introduce you to mind mapping.  To me, this is a more organized way to approach compiling your thoughts and ideas for your product.

You start out with an idea and branch out to general topics to cover within that idea and then again each topic can be branched out to more specifics.  I have written out outlines and ideas on paper and that works as well but I think for me, doing it on the computer will help keep me a little more organized.  And couldn’t most of us use a little more organization in our lives?

I tried using one of the sites mentioned in the lesson.  This site is called ‘Free Mind’ .  As the name implies, the site is free and seems to be easy enough to use, at least for basics.  There are a lot of different options in the toolbar that I have not tried yet but the early basic use is easy enough, even for someone mostly technologically illiterate like me.

If you own and ipad, it is suggested you might want to get ‘iThoughts HD’ to use as your mind mapping program.  I can certainly see the usefulness of having a tablet to use for mind mapping.  It is portable and easy to keep with you but then there could be the issue of misplacing it.  It would probably be a good idea to keep a copy of your mind map on your desktop as well.

I had already started a product and have gone beyond the mind mapping stage but have a couple of other ideas rolling around in my brain and put one of them down on the mind map.  This will be good so that when I have additional thoughts about it I can just add them to the mind map and not worry about losing the piece of paper that I might have jotted it down on.

My husband tells me I should make lists and write things down so I have been trying to do so.  Unfortunately I seldom can find where I wrote it down so I think using the computer to mind map will be a good thing for me.  I haven’t yet lost or forgotten where the computer is!

Happy mind mapping,  Jenny Wren

Learning Investing by Fire

Several years ago I learned about  ‘day trading’ on the stock market and how much money can be made doing so.  I figured I could learn how and do the same.  They forgot to mention, in the article I read, that 98% of those who try, fail.  I am sorry to say that I am one of those 98%.  I admit that I am just a regular, average person and it did not work out well.  I tried for several years but I am too emotional or whatever, to make a success of it.

But I caught the bug and have been trying to find an answer to how I might make money investing in some way or another.

There are many investment vehicles available, ranging from zero risk to significant risk.  Putting your money into bonds, bank GIC’s (guaranteed investment certificates) and such are virtually zero risk for losing your initial investment.  The problem often is that the interest rates in such investment vehicles are lower than the rate of inflation and in actual fact you may be losing actual buying power over time.

I tried mutual funds through an investment brokerage only to lose more money.  I would have to rank mutual funds as a medium risk vehicle.  Not as high as day trading, by any means, but still a risk and I do not seem to do well with risk.  I was never very good at games that require luck with dice or cards or whatever.

Next I decided that maybe I would just try to make some extra money by having a website to sell something.  I took a course how to get it set up but the course was not very clear or complete and I was not able to get it started or find anyone willing to let me sell their products.  I have not given up on this idea yet but it is on the back burner at the moment.

While I was doing my learning and searching on the web, I discovered forex trading.  I took some courses on that and tried it.  The results were similar to my day trading efforts.  They really mean it when they say that forex trading has ‘significant risk of loss’ and is not for all investors.

Then there are many websites that are HYIPs, otherwise known as high yield investment programs.  Have not really had the courage to try these as I kind of think that they are here today and gone tomorrow but you never know when tomorrow is here.

Recently I learned about trading options.  I think I have found one vehicle for my investing.  Trading options can be both high and low risk.  So far I have learned some of both.  Currently I have 2 favorite strategies that have been successful for me for the past 4 months.  I realize that that is not a long time to be able to really endorse them but I feel really good about them.  I think the test drive is over and I am on my way to owning this vehicle.  It is not a get rich quick plan but according to some rough calculations, I think I can take a $10K investment and turn it into $300K in about 15 years.  That would make a nice retirement with the monthly earnings.

Unfortunately retirement is here and so I am still looking for more vehicles.  Will keep you posted on what I find.

Cheers,  Jenny Wren

Rule 1 Saves the Day

I am writing this post for those that have shown an interest in an earlier post I made about Wealthrock and their education program to have multiple streams of income.  I chose to learn about stocks and option investing and signed up for a 1 year mentorship after taking their Cash Flow Seminar.  They had guests from a company called Rule 1 Investing present the cash flow seminar and I was impressed and excited about being able to invest in the market with low risk strategies.

After a couple of months into the mentorship I was slowly learning more but anxious to get going with a live account and put some of what I learned into practice.  Just when I figured I was ready for the next step I was informed that my coaching classes were cancelled until further notice.  I tried to contact Wealthrock through several avenues but got nowhere with it.

After a few weeks I got a call from someone at Rule 1 Investing.  They informed me that Wealthrock had ‘closed their doors’.  Rule 1 felt an obligation to those who had signed up for more education following the seminar they presented and have offered to continue my education at no further cost to me even though they had not been paid either.  I am most grateful.

It has turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I am finding their education better and have successfully used one of their strategies to make some money in the market.  I am watching and looking forward to trying and learning more over the next few months.

I have tried trading on the market on my own and not done well so this is very exciting to me.  I truly believe I am going to create a nice retirement fund through what I am learning from Rule 1 Investing.  Nice to know there are still some honest and good hearted people in the world.

Jenny Wren

Niche Research: Week 10

Week 10 of Partnership to Success is all about research and gathering information.  We were given ideas of where to go to do research and places to gather information and ways to become knowledgeable about our chosen subject.

To start with, you can always ‘google’ your keywords and find all kinds of articles and websites dealing with your chosen topic.  The more you can find and read, the more knowledge you gain.  I would recommend always having a pen and paper handy to jot down ideas and even quotes that you might be interested in including in your own product.

Researching ideas includes going to Clickbank and finding products in your niche.  Not only will you find information products here but you will also get a good idea of what topics are selling better than others and it will give you an idea of product titles being used.  Getting a clickbank product will, of course, cost you some money but could very well be worth having a starting point for your own ebook.

Other ideas include going to blogs and forums that talk about your chosen niche.  Here can find out what people are most interested in at the moment.  What things they are wanting to find out more about.  What questions they are asking and needing answers to.  By participating in the forums and commenting on the blogs, you can also create your own presence and hopefully build back links to your own site.

Another source of information and help can be found in PLR materials.  These are products you can use as your own.  You can revise them, add to them, change them how you wish and create your own ebook from them.  This can be very helpful if you are not very adept at writing your own ideas and making your own creation from scratch.  Kind of like having a cake mix instead of making it from scratch.

Another part to lesson 10 was a suggestion to download and read ‘Operation Ebook’ written by Paula Brett.  You can get a copy of it from her website if you are interested in doing so.  Her website is

As for me, I have finally made the decision on what my first product will be.  The research is mostly done and I am in the process of writing my first ebook!  I have completed the first draft and first revision.

I am hoping a couple of more revisions will complete the written portion.  I will then add some worksheets.  I am not quite sure how or what to add in the way of graphics or media.  I guess I will need to do some more work on that area.  I am thinking maybe a couple of interviews might go well.

I have let myself get quite a ways behind while making my decision and will need to make some concerted effort to get back up to speed.

Meanwhile I am already getting some vague ideas about more products or projects. lol



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