• SumoMe

I am a recently retired nurse.  After 35 years working in the medical profession I feel ready for a change.  I still enjoy nursing but was getting tired of being ‘on-call’ for long periods.  I live in a small village and the hospital in a nearby town is small.  As a result of the hospital size, there were few staff members to share the call with.  With only 1 or 2 others to help and needing to have 2 nurses on-call at a time you can imagine how much call was involved.  This meant I was seldom able to go anywhere and if I did it had to be planned well in advance.  It was not so bad when my children all lived at home and your life is not your own anyways but now that I have more time I wanted more freedom as well.  Thus retirement.

I am used to being busy.  I could fill my time with my 4 grandchildren, my home and my garden but I think I still can expand my horizons. I have always thought it would be great to be an author, though my writing skills will need lots of work. The idea of being my own boss, using my time as I wish appeals to me.

I was introduced to the world of trading a dozen years ago.  I tried several aspects without too much success.  Looking back, I realize I jumped in without much knowledge and made many beginner mistakes.  I got discouraged and became too emotional in my trading, making a bad situation worse.  I was determined to succeed and began to try one thing after another.  Another big mistake.  You need to find something that appeals to you and then focus on that one thing.  Finally I began to trade profitably ( thanks to the mentoring of Rob Booker).  I now really enjoy trading and have confidence in my ability to consistently make profits.  I would like to help you make some profit with your hard earned money as well.