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Well it has been awhile.  Time has a way of passing more rapidly as we mature.  I just wanted to make an update.  I am happy (no ecstatic) to announce that I have found success in trading.  As mentioned before, I have tried many avenues and strategies without consistent success.  More like consistent losing.  I heard somewhere that trading is a process.  You start out losing a lot, then losing a little, then winning a little and losing a little, then winning a little consistently and then winning a lot.

I have finally managed to get to the winning a little (or maybe a lot if you go by percentage).  With a new mentor I have managed to achieve a 77% increase in my capital since January 1, 2015.  That averages out to just over 10% per month.  It is an incredible feeling to finally be making progress.  Trading has been a dream of mine for several years now, at least a decade.  I was sure it could be profitable for me if I could just figure it out.

The formula is at least 5 fold.  Number 1: have the right mindset;  Number 2: no big losses;   Number 3: small trade size;    Number 4: keep taking profits;  Number 5: a winning strategy

Notice that I mentioned the strategy last.  That is because there are many, many winning strategies and the other points are more important.  I feel that taking  Rob Booker’s ‘Millionaire Mindset’ course was the major turn around point for me.  I am indebted to him for his teaching and generosity to me and to traders all around the world.

I hope to start posting quite often and include some of the trades I am making.  I currently do very short term trades but am planning on expanding to longer term.  When I get a handle on the longer term I will post the trades as I enter and exit them.

Looking forward to a prosperous future doing something I really enjoy.

Jenny Wren

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