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In the past, I have mostly felt uptight and stressed when trading.  That is why I have mostly concentrated on longer term strategies lately.  It reduces the stress and the parameters are clear, concise and easy to follow.  I have found some success with these methods and will continue with them.

But I think these small successes have whetted my appetite for a little more adventure.  It seems evident in the fact that I am continuing to work in the forex market.  I have had several successful trades using the currency connect system, mostly with the dow and a few with currency pairs.  I am feeling a little more positive each week, that I will be able to make headway in this sphere.

Now the exciting part.  I have come across another strategy for trading options.  Rather than being a longer term method, it is day trading unusual option activity.  I have been following this for a couple of weeks now and am really having some fun.  I think I am actually making some money along the way as well.  At the end of the month I will know if I am actually getting some income or just having fun and will inform you as to how I did and whether I will sign up for another month or not, haha.  I sure hope so because it is nice to enjoy your ‘job’.

Jenny Wren

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