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I attended a Financial Success Summit this week, put on by Wealth Rock.  It was very inspiring.

My dear husband, wanting to inspire me to greater things, took me to a ‘Power Within’ seminar.  It was very good.  All about being able to be whatever you want.  We all have the power to accomplish any dream.  My dream is to be able to make an income from home through the use of the internet.

At this seminar, I was introduced to Rule #1 investing which basically has one rule.  Rule #1, do not lose money and Rule #2, remember Rule #1.  I like that kind of attitude and hoped to learn more about it.  So I signed up for further learning on this.  I have done some stock and currency investing without much success and am very interested in learning the options trading and not ‘losing money’.  Will keep you posted on this.

The next step in the process was to attend a Financial Success Summit.  At this seminar, presented by Wealth Rock, I learned more about the stocks and options.  Enough to make me want more, which I guess was the object of the seminar.

I also learned about having multiple streams of income.  A concept that I have heard many times since I started looking for ways to earn money online.  The Wealth Rock presenters included income streams from real estate and tax liens and deeds.  They also presented ideas on how to keep your income after you earn it by going through some basics of asset protection.

The whole presentation was fascinating, in my opinion.  I wish I had the finances to take all of the further education available from them.  At this point I will only be following the stock and options portion but hopefully when I see success in this area, I will then have the funds to take more.

I really felt that Ryan Smith, Steve Sitkowski and the other presenters were great and were very interested in having us succeed in our pursuit of wealth and then in having us give and help others.  For those who are able to make money, it is their opportunity to share it and make the world a better place.

Kudos to the Wealth Rock team and the presenters at the Financial Success Summit.  Well done.

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