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Once again I have neglected my blog.  I have immersed myself in the world of trading.  In spite of past results and experiences, I have spent many hours listening to webinars, reading reports, and I admit to buying systems to trade with.  I have been swing trading stocks, options, and currency.  Of all the products I have tried and used, I think I have finally settled on 3 that I think are worthwhile and I have been having some success with.

For stocks, I have been very pleased with ‘Candlestick Trading Forum’ with Stephen Bigelow.  He gives a lot of value for the price you pay.  I am having minor successes following his training and live chat room.  The success would be greater with a larger account but I am pleased with what I am doing so far.  I have tried several other services with little to no progress made.

Rule 1 Investing remains the best training I have had so far for options.  I continue to have success with the 2 strategies I learned from them.  Again, the results are small but consistent.

I am currently investigating and learning about weekly options.  I have tried about 3 weekly option trades and been successful.  I do not feel I have enough knowledge in this area yet to give a good opinion of it, though it looks like a good strategy to add to my trading tool belt.

I am really quite excited about the possibilities in forex.  I found some good training and some good products that I am finally seeing some consistent positive results.  I hope to able to share more information on this as I see more successes in the future.  One site you might like to check out is Currency Connect.  I have one particular trade I learned with them that I have been positive on 10 out of 10 trades.  I would be happy to share it with anyone who signs up.

I am very hopeful of seeing increased success as I finally stop looking for the next holy grail of trading and learn the programs and strategies that I currently am using that are showing some consistent results.  I feel that the more I use them and study them, the better it will be.  There might be some light in the future.

Jenny Wren

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