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Now, in week 3, begins the monetization of my blog.  I have learned to put Google Adsense ads on my blog and will potentially make some pocket change from visitors clicking on these.  Feel free to do so, lol.

A nice thing about adsense is that you can choose which ads you want to block from being seen on your website.  I appreciate being able to do that because there are some ads that I do not want associated with my blog.

I have also learned how to incorporate links into my posts and such to be able to promote other websites or products that I think are worthwhile or good value.  I have advertisements on my blog but I do not personally recommend them all.  Those things that I have tried and know they work I will put in my recommended category or will put a link in the blog post indicating I approve of it.

I have been doing a little research on my own and found a few plug-ins that can further monetize a website by adding clickbank ads and amazon ads.  I am guessing there are hundreds of choices out there but I am still very new and not ready to go too far with it at this point.  Knowing me, I could end up with only ads and no content, then where would I be?

I believe the most important part of a blog is the knowledge, experiences and fun you can share with others.   The monetization just helps cover the web hosting costs and such.  Stay tuned for week 4 coming very soon.

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