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Week 10 of Partnership to Success is all about research and gathering information.  We were given ideas of where to go to do research and places to gather information and ways to become knowledgeable about our chosen subject.

To start with, you can always ‘google’ your keywords and find all kinds of articles and websites dealing with your chosen topic.  The more you can find and read, the more knowledge you gain.  I would recommend always having a pen and paper handy to jot down ideas and even quotes that you might be interested in including in your own product.

Researching ideas includes going to Clickbank and finding products in your niche.  Not only will you find information products here but you will also get a good idea of what topics are selling better than others and it will give you an idea of product titles being used.  Getting a clickbank product will, of course, cost you some money but could very well be worth having a starting point for your own ebook.

Other ideas include going to blogs and forums that talk about your chosen niche.  Here can find out what people are most interested in at the moment.  What things they are wanting to find out more about.  What questions they are asking and needing answers to.  By participating in the forums and commenting on the blogs, you can also create your own presence and hopefully build back links to your own site.

Another source of information and help can be found in PLR materials.  These are products you can use as your own.  You can revise them, add to them, change them how you wish and create your own ebook from them.  This can be very helpful if you are not very adept at writing your own ideas and making your own creation from scratch.  Kind of like having a cake mix instead of making it from scratch.

Another part to lesson 10 was a suggestion to download and read ‘Operation Ebook’ written by Paula Brett.  You can get a copy of it from her website if you are interested in doing so.  Her website is www.paula-brett.com

As for me, I have finally made the decision on what my first product will be.  The research is mostly done and I am in the process of writing my first ebook!  I have completed the first draft and first revision.

I am hoping a couple of more revisions will complete the written portion.  I will then add some worksheets.  I am not quite sure how or what to add in the way of graphics or media.  I guess I will need to do some more work on that area.  I am thinking maybe a couple of interviews might go well.

I have let myself get quite a ways behind while making my decision and will need to make some concerted effort to get back up to speed.

Meanwhile I am already getting some vague ideas about more products or projects. lol



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