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I am writing this post for those that have shown an interest in an earlier post I made about Wealthrock and their education program to have multiple streams of income.  I chose to learn about stocks and option investing and signed up for a 1 year mentorship after taking their Cash Flow Seminar.  They had guests from a company called Rule 1 Investing present the cash flow seminar and I was impressed and excited about being able to invest in the market with low risk strategies.

After a couple of months into the mentorship I was slowly learning more but anxious to get going with a live account and put some of what I learned into practice.  Just when I figured I was ready for the next step I was informed that my coaching classes were cancelled until further notice.  I tried to contact Wealthrock through several avenues but got nowhere with it.

After a few weeks I got a call from someone at Rule 1 Investing.  They informed me that Wealthrock had ‘closed their doors’.  Rule 1 felt an obligation to those who had signed up for more education following the seminar they presented and have offered to continue my education at no further cost to me even though they had not been paid either.  I am most grateful.

It has turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I am finding their education better and have successfully used one of their strategies to make some money in the market.  I am watching and looking forward to trying and learning more over the next few months.

I have tried trading on the market on my own and not done well so this is very exciting to me.  I truly believe I am going to create a nice retirement fund through what I am learning from Rule 1 Investing.  Nice to know there are still some honest and good hearted people in the world.

Jenny Wren

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