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At this point I have completed 3 weeks of this 12 month course.  I am anxiously awaiting the information and homework for week 4.  In the first week I learned a lot for someone like me.  Having virtually no technology background except how to answer and send emails, I feel I have made great strides.  The lessons learned included finding a domain name and getting it registered and hosted.   I used the hosting company D9 Solutions Ltd.  They have been great so far.

After getting a domain and hosting, I then learned to access my control panel for my new domain.  From there I was able to setup an email account and add it to my computer’s email client.  I tried to set it up in Outlook but was not able to.  Maybe when I become more computer literate I will be able to do that.  I was, however, successful at adding to my Windows Live mail client.

The next step was to register with Click Bank.

Then the fun began.  I installed my blog!!!  What a great feeling to see it actually appear on the web.  I did some editing to the initial setup and then began to do some posting.  Not too comfortable with that yet but it gets easier with each one.

Before the lesson was done for the week, I was instructed to order some graphics for the top of my blog.  I could have used any of the templates for WordPress but decided to actually order something unique.  I used the recommended GFX-1 site to order my graphics from.

Week done and feeling great.

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