Online Marketing Mentors

It all started when I clicked on an add ‘to make money from home’.  I was directed to a site that talked about multiple streams of income.  Those streams included stock market investment, forex investment, real estate and ebusiness or online marketing; to name a few.  I decided to look into more and have taken some courses on ebusiness and forex.  Both have been interesting and informative but rather daunting to undertake without some personal direction or coaching.  Maybe you are more savvy than myself but I knew I needed more.

I tried the ebusiness first but got stuck on finding a product to sell online.  I wanted the convenience of drop-shipping but of the several products I tried to get started with, they all wanted to see my website before they would consider letting me market their wares.  But how do you develope a website without a product?

Meanwhile I was getting lots of emails promoting gimmicks and software products to make me rich in just a few clicks of the mouse.  I hate to admit it but I did try a few and soon found out they did not deliver what they said they would or at least not for a newbie like me.

Enter John Thornhill, stage right.  Thankfully I did not quit looking at the emails entirely because I got one from John Thornhill promoting his One Month Mentor product.  He sounded sincere and down to earth so I decided to try one more.  It was worth every penny I spent.  Unfortunately, as mentioned in an earlier post, I got sidetracked and did not quite finish the course.  I got close but….  Now I am taking his Partnership to Success program and feeling newly inspired and ready to take on the world again.

I honestly feel that he is a great coach and makes it easy to follow his directions step by baby step.  I would have no problem endorsing his coaching classes.  Perhaps you might try John Thornhill’s Masterclass if you are serious about trying to make an income online.

Another great thing about his coaching courses is the access to forums where you can get help and advice from others a little further upstream than yourself.

I am getting close to when I will need to begin making my own product to sell.  At this point I am leaning toward website design and creation.  I really like the idea of creating websites and have been doing some research and learning in that direction.  So I went to the forum.   A good start was to go to Lisa Hernandez’s blog ( and grab a copy of her ‘Easy WordPress Websites’ for free.

I have also got a book or two on the subject and will be meeting with someone today who creates and sells websites.  I really feel that getting help from those that already know is 100 times better than just trying to learn it all from scratch and worth the money spent.

Inundated with Get Rich Quick Offers

Originally I had trouble getting my blog email configured with my email account on my computer so had to access my email online.  It took a little more time than just bringing up the ‘mail’ on the computer.  It was fine at first but as I got sidetracked with other activities in my life (see ‘Roadblocks’ post), I stopped checking.  Well I checked in a few days ago.  I had an incredible 3978!! emails.  At least 90% of them were from people trying to sell software to ‘help me’ make a ton of money overnight or in just a few hours and so on.  I am sure many of you have had this experience.  I was amazed at the number that accumulated over 6 months or so.  How to you tell the good from the bad?  With that many to choose from I decided it was too hard to do and am in the process of deleting them all.  I figure 500 a day and I should be done in just over a week, lol.  Then I can check out any new emails as then come.  One thing for sure, any email that is not personalized is not going to get any more than just a glance.  I know those are more of a scam than anything.  Lesson learned: never leave your email that long before checking it!

Online Marketing Overload

So I have been ‘working’ on trying to get started with online marketing and an internet business.  I started out by looking into an ad about making good money from home.  I signed up for a course to learn about ecommerce.  It is a whole new world and language.  I was lost in very short order.  I was being coached to do things that I had no idea how to accomplish.  So began many, many hours in front of my computer.  I am beginning to understand a few terms and ideas but am still mostly lost.  In the process of my research I came upon some more ads (which I now know are called ‘squeeze’ pages) which promised unheard of or ‘massive income with this simple plan’.  I fell for it.  Soon I was being bombarded with squeeze pages and OTO (one time only) offers and such.  I am not saying that they are not good ideas and workable strategies but it is rather overwhelming to a newbie.  It is hard to stop getting sucked in to one idea after another.  They all sound so reasonable and affordable but soon you find that the cost is adding up and up and up.  Time to step back, take one plan and follow it through until I understand what I am doing with it and then I can look at another idea.  It is just difficult not to look at all the offers and dream of the possibilities or stay awake thinking about the possibilities.  I think I said it before.  I will try to stick to the ‘One Month Mentor’ and then go from there.

With that plan I am now at the stage of trying to create my own ebook to market.  I have a few ideas but not sure anywhere near enough to really make a book.  I have always thought it would be great to be an author but this is something entirely different.  This is actually believing I might know something that someone else would like to know.  You would think that at this stage of my life I should have a lot of experience to call upon but the doubts are definitely coming at me from all angles.  I just need to get started.  Wish me luck.

The Adventure Continues

Well I think I am almost permanently attached to the chair in front of my computer.  I have been spending hours listening to promotional programs on internet marketing, how to videos on how to make money online, everything you need to know to make a living from home, etc.  In fact I am almost certain I am beginning to suffer from information overload.   One of the more recent ‘articles’ I read was titled “Marketing Through My Eyes”.  In that article he warned about information overload.  You see, once you start on a path, taking advantage of a course offered to you, all of a sudden you are hit with offer after offer.  If you are not very careful, you could be overwhelmed in very short order.  It would be very easy to accept every offer that comes your way but there is no chance that you can work on them all at once.  Already I think I am in over my head, with at least 4 different ideas to work on.  I now need to prioritize which is the most important or beneficial for me to complete first and then carry on with the next.  I am hopelessly lost when it comes to most of the technical aspects of the internet that I will be sticking to the “One Month Mentor” program to start with and then hopefully move on to another following that.  I mean, I still have a parttime job and many other things going on in may life.  I cannot live in front of my computer full time.    Here’s hoping I can stick to it.

A New Beginning

Hello, my name is Jane and I am beginning a new adventure in the world of internet socializing and marketing.  I am currently taking a course by John Thornhill called ‘One Month Mentor’.  I am just 2 days into the program and already have learned more than through any other program I have tried.  The instructions are simple and easy to follow even for someone who is technologically challenged like I am.  I am excited about the idea of being able to do some work from home to help build up a retirement fund.  I am just starting to get grandchildren and look forward to being able to visit them and spend time with them.  It seems that the sky is the limit if you have the right tools and the drive to use them.  Looking forward to the future.

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